Which path is right for me? What resources are available? How can I achieve more fulfilment in my life? Maybe you are asking yourself one of these questions right now. And do you know my answer? Clear your system. Free yourself. Know yourself.

If you are ready for this deep spiritual journey, welcome. I am the right person if you want to dive into the depths of your being, without ifs and buts. Together, we will walk a part of your spiritual journey that you have already started. Therefore, I need your full commitment and trust in yourself. I accompany you with my full presence to truly meet yourself because it is all about your inner world! Say YES to your spiritual trip.

At the beginning of our journey, we will start with number mysticism. This provides us with information about your soul messages for this incarnation, encoded in your date of birth.

By considering them, you will learn more about :

  • what your soul has set out to experience

  • what your current stage of life is about

  • which patterns you keep cultivating, although they do not serve you anymore

  • the themes of your personal energy for this year

  • additional issues allowing you to embrace your life further.

From all this information, you will develop your inner compass. Because you are not someone’s clone, there is no standard programme for your spiritual journey with me! What you need will show itself to us along the way.

In the next step of our journey, we will unmask the patterns of your mind so that at the end of our journey, you will be aware of your resources. By doing so, you can implement your appropriate spiritual practice coming from your own experiences!

Namaste and welcome.
My name is Massama Kambia. Born in Togo (West Africa), I came to Germany at 19 years old —where I still live today. Spirituality has accompanied me since childhood, whereby it has anchored me in the different structures of life. Being and living spiritually does not require renouncing worldly life. It is about a philosophy of life and spiritual hygiene that accompanies you everywhere. However, it took me many years to understand this.

My spiritual and life goal is to explain to you the complex patterns of your mind. Everything you perceive and experience originates in your mind. As we say in Yoga, your mind influences everything. Being aware of your patterns will help you to truly meet yourself. With the numerology of your date of birth you will be able to recognise your beliefs faster.

Let us reconnect inner and outer worlds, logic and intuition, science and spirituality, so you can know yourself fully and truly. To live a holistic spirituality is to know yourself in all your facets. Recognise divinity in humanity.

What awaits you?

My vision in working with you is to let you gain more confidence and access to your inner spiritual core. You will receive many impulses, but you will do the implementation by yourself. It is crucial that you can act autonomously.

Three pillars (numerology, spiritual purification and Yoga spirit) enable me to accompany you optimally on this transformation path. The number mysticism allows us to recognise which messages are encoded in your date of birth. Understanding this code will let you remember the goal of your life journey. Spiritual purification and yoga awareness will help you choose the right implementation means.


Let’s start with an initial 65 minutes session. During this meeting you will get a better understanding of my spiritual work. Furthermore, we will consider fundamental aspects of your date of birth. You will be able to understand the energy of your soul, the experiences it wants to make and your great resources for more ease in your life.

What insights will you have after our introductory session?

The importance of your life path number

You remember what your soul has set out to experience. You understand better what it is really about. You recognise the symbolism of your numbers, and you realise there are no coincidences!

Knowing the energy of your current cycle

You get clues about your present cycle and are aware of energetic changes linked to it. Since we had a look at your active challenges you now know which attitudes help you integrate these energies for more serenity and inner peace.

Possibilities for implementation

Knowledge without practice does not help! Some exercises for mastering life challenges are available to you. This will empower you to recognise that you are more than your life story. Consequently, you can open yourself more to life’s wisdom and support.

What data is needed for my calculations?

Your time and place of birth are not required at this point in our journey. You have the option to book your preferred date below. As soon as you confirm this, you will be asked to answer a few questions directly on this page. Afterwards, payment will be made via PayPal.

Your appointment will last 65 minutes and will be conducted via Zoom. Upon request, I will make a recording of our appointment without further charge. This is for private use only. You will receive the recording as an audio and video file via WeTransfer no later than 72 hours after our appointment.

Now is the time. Your time. Act to know more about yourself.

Book your session for 111 EURO (65 min)